Open Source Risk Engine (ORE) released

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Open Source Risk Engine (ORE) released

Roland Lichters-4
Dear all,
Quaternion Risk Management today announces the launch of and ORE - the first end-to-end open source risk application based on QuantLib (  ORE will provide complex risk analytics for financial institutions through a series of releases.  This first release covers plain vanilla interest rate and foreign exchange derivatives.  Further releases will expand the analytical and product scope.

We will also release a visualisation of ORE's output in collaboration with Columbia University's School of Professional Studies and other partners next month.

We hope that this release will accelerate the process of the professional risk community embracing the Open Source opportunity to create a global standard. Please download the code and information at and engage with your peers through the forum to contribute to the development of the next generation global risk standards.

Best regards,

Dr. Roland Lichters
Quaternion Risk Management
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+49 172 9985795

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