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QuantLibXL 1.8 Prerelease

Eric Ehlers-3
Hi All,

Here is an early prerelease snapshot of the QuantLibXL 1.8 binaries:


This is based on the new reposit build, and does not yet include the
Rate Curve Framework VBA application.

In order for the new reposit build to supercede the old gensrc build,
we would need:

- support for all 1,110 functions from the old build
- a solution to autogenerate the function documentation
- support for VC9-VC14

I am going to start working on these items now, let's see if I can get
those changes into a final 1.8 release of the new build.

Some other things that would be nice to have:

- use Boost.Log for logging instead of log4cxx
- re-enable the LibreOffice Calc addin

Here is the list of pull requests for 1.8:

1) QuantLibXL RateCurveFramework 64-bit Excel VBA patches


2) Visual Studio 2015 files for QuantLibXL


3) ExCouponPeriod not available in QuantLibXL function qFixedRateBond


These items will be included in the 1.8 release of the old and/or new
builds as appropriate, let's keep in touch as things progress, and
please let me know if there is anything else.

Kind Regards,

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